An Unexpected Bride for the Betrayed Duke

A Historical Regency Romance Novel

Neither fire nor wind, birth nor death could ever erase his love for her...

Left at the steps of Dewdale Manor as a baby, Vivien Crawford has been Lady Isadora’s companion all her life. And that means one thing: when her Lady is invited to her future husband’s home, Vivien must follow.

Though vexed with his stepmother’s machinations to have him married, Gerard Kahler, the Duke of Hartwick, vows to be the perfect gentleman. What he never accounted for is Lady Isadora’s beautiful companion.

But as both Vivien and Gerard soon realize, the past is a peculiar thing, with a mind of its own. Vivien has been living a lie facilitated upon her birth, and the key to the riddle is a single old pendant. A sapphire as bright as the moon the night she was taken...

*If you like powerful Dukes, loving Duchesses and a marvelous depiction of the majestic Regency and Victorian era, then An Unexpected Bride for the Betrayed Duke is the novel for you.

Emma Linfield's 29th book is a historical Regency romance novel of 80,000 words (around 400 pages). No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a sweet happily ever after.

Pick up "An Unexpected Bride for the Betrayed Duke" today to discover Emma's amazing new story!

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  • I have read and enjoyed An unexpected bride for the betrayed Duke and have tried and been able to get to read the extended epilogue, can you help. Thank you.

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